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Employees of Electric Hospitality Group pack meals made primarily with Georgia-grown ingredients to feed unemployed hospitality workers in the Atlanta Metro area. (Photo by Luke Beard)

Georgia farmers help feed restaurant workers

By Amy Carter

Unlike most catastrophes, the COVID-19 pandemic has touched nearly every life on earth and visited need upon multitudes beyond the scope of other man-made or natural disasters.

How does one begin to help when the need is so vast?

Atlanta restaurateur Michael Lennox started with his own. When Georgia shut down in March to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, Lennox - the founder of Electric Hospitality Group - started Atlanta Family Meal to help thousands of hospitality workers who lost their jobs.

""Atlanta Family Meal is a community of chefs, restaurants, suppliers, community stakeholders and hospitality workers collaborating to effectively feed the devastated Atlanta restaurant community," Lennox said. "We realized early on that we couldn't wait. There wasn't a safety net for our industry, so we mobilized to help ourselves - family helping family."

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