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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Native Bees

Most of us are familiar with bumble bees or maybe even carpenter bees, but have you ever heard of the blueberry bee (Habropoda laboriosa) or the blue orchard bee (Osmia lignaria) or the squash bee (Peponapis and Xenoglossa)? Chances are you haven't. There are over 4,000 names species of bees native to the U.S. and most of them are in plain sight yet invisible to most of us. However, their contribution is very important.

Native bees did all the pollination on this continent before the arrival of the honey bee with the European settlers. And they continue to do a great deal of pollination, especially when it comes to native plants.

If you enjoy nature in your back yard, especially if you have a few vegetable plants, you may want to think about planting some additional flowers to encourage native pollinators.

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