Ga Dept of Agriculture


Intern Testimonials

“This experience has been extremely valuable to me personally and professionally. I was glad that I was kept busy with all of the projects, mini trainings, researching, and coordinating assignments I was given, and I was also happy to work with multiple parts of the Structural Pest section (licensing, ASPCRO, compliance, etc.). Because I worked with every single person in the office with their certain specialty, I was able to gain a holistic view of the duties and responsibilities of this office. I also think the field outings were pertinent to my full understanding and appreciation of everything that the Structural Pest section does. Overall, I appreciated the opportunity to work at the Department of Agriculture very much, and look forward to working with the department in my future endeavors.”
Kyndall Dye (GDA Structural Pest Control Section, Summer 2013)
UGA Class of 2013, Environmental Science Major


“Serving my time here as an intern has been a terrific experience. Coming in with an open mind and positive attitude, I’ve learned a lot about the Department of Agriculture and how it serves us and have also met plenty of good people as well; everyone within the department acts like family. Working in the microbiology food safety labs, the analyst took me under their wings and had no problem showing me everything they could about the labs and how things work. I’ve not only had the opportunity to perform different analysis in the labs, but also perform work outside of the lab partaking in an environmental swabbing of a facility which was very interesting. Everything I’ve had the chance to come in to contact with has been enlightening and engaging. My experience even catapulted me to an opportunity for full time employment with the Department. I now serve to protect the consuming public as a Food Safety Lab Analyst. It was because of my internship that this opportunity presented itself. The internship program is beneficial to anyone looking to capture the experience of their preferred career goal. I encourage it, you could learn a plethora of things along the way, and who knows what door will open for you next.”
La’Kesha Johnson (GDA Food Safety Labs, Summer 2013)
University of West Georgia Class of 2013, Biology Major


“My internship with the GDA Public Affairs office was the best experience that I have gotten from a job so far. From day one, I hit the ground running; helping in any way I could with press activities as well as assisting the policy advisor with various tasks. I really felt like I learned so much during my internship because of how personable everyone was and how willing they were to teach me the ins and outs of the department. There is nothing that I would have changed about the internship and all that I learned!"
Morgan Copeland (GDA Intern, Fall 2012)
GSU Class of ’13 – Public Policy Major


“After declaring a major in Agricultural Communications, I thought, ‘What better way to spend my summer than to find an agricultural internship?’ Animal husbandry has always been a passion of mine; therefore, I chose to work in the Food Safety Division to see another side of the agricultural world. With everything Food Safety covers, public health is a major concern and focus and it was very interesting to see the inner workings of what happens when a product is recalled. I was able to learn about state regulations and went out into the field for inspections in Athens, Atlanta and north Georgia. This internship has been a major stepping stone for my future career… Overall, I am so very grateful and thrilled that I had such a wonderful opportunity to intern with such an educational company this summer – not only did I get hands-on experience with another side to agriculture, but it helped me determine what aspect of agriculture I want to pursue at UGA.”
Cassandra Kusmisz (GDA intern, Summer 2012)
UGA Class of ’14 - Animal Science or Dairy Major


“My internship with the Animal Health and Meat Inspection sections were both amazing opportunities that I am glad I was able to experience! Doctors Black, Cobb and Holt all worked to find me a wide variety of veterinarians to travel and work with during the summer. I was able to get an incredible amount of hands-on experience doing everything from bleeding feral hogs to visiting the veterinarians at the Atlanta Zoo and traveling with veterinary inspectors. It was also very enlightening to see the responsibilities of Animal Health and Meat Inspection within the Department of Agriculture. I had a wonderful experience and I learned so much!”
Katie Rosenbalm (GDA Intern, Summer 2011)
University of Georgia, Class of 2015 - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


“I really enjoyed my summer with the Department of Agriculture. I actually started late in the program, but I felt as if my mentors accepted me with open arms. While at the Department of Agriculture, I learned many things that I had no idea the department covered. Coming from an animal science/pre-vet background, I only thought the department covered the farming aspect of agriculture. Little did I know they cover all sorts of industries across the state, including poultry, equine, seed, feed, pesticides, fertilizer and so many others. Had I known all these sections fell under the direction of the GDA, I would’ve been interning here for the past three summers! This summer widely opened my eyes into the world of agriculture and my future. I encourage all students of different majors to consider the Department of Agriculture as a stepping stone for internship positions and future job opportunities. It was a fun, stimulating work environment and the many faces you may meet along the way help tremendously with networking.”
Brittany Palmer (GDA Intern, Summer 2011)
Tuskegee University, Class of 2015 - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine