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Georgia Hemp Processor Permit Application Available

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Georgia Hemp Processor Permit Application Available

Hemp Processor Permit

Georgians interested in processing hemp can now apply for a Hemp Processing Permit. The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) requires any person processing or intending to process hemp to hold a valid Hemp Processor Permit before receiving, processing, handling or storing hemp.

The initial fee for a Hemp Processor Permit is $25,000, and the annual renewal fee is currently $10,000 per year. Processors must also obtain a $100,000 surety bond and provide several supporting documents as listed here

Georgia permitted processors can process and handle hemp produced by an out-of-state grower if the grower is authorized to produce hemp under a hemp plan approved by the USDA or grower license issued by USDA.

Hemp Processor Permit applications are available here,

Hemp Grower License

Apart from the processing permit, a Georgia Hemp Grower Licensing program is pending. In contrast to processor permits, a Hemp Grower License means a license issued by the GDA under the authority of the Georgia Hemp Farming Act authorizing a person to handle and cultivate hemp in the State of Georgia.

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