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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Farm Recovery Block Grants

Farm Recovery Block Grant Application Period Extended

Welcome to the Georgia Farm Recovery Block Grant (FRBG). The Georgia Department of Agriculture is accepting online applications from producers who experienced losses and expenses related to Hurricane Michael. The enrollment period has been extended, and all applications must be completed and submitted by 11:59 PM on April 30, 2020. Only online applications will be accepted.

This block grant program is designed to compensate producers for losses and expenses in seven categories of assistance: beef, dairy, fruit and vegetable, pecan, poultry, timber, and uninsured infrastructure. On the application you will see these categories referred to as commodities. The assistance provided through the FRBG will address losses and expenses not already included in an existing USDA program. This means not all losses a producer experienced due to Hurricane Michael will be eligible. Eligible losses under this grant are:

Future income losses related to decreased conception rates and mature cow deaths, decreased production due to post-storm effects, and expenses due to increased disease occurrence
Future income losses related to decreased conception rates and mature cow deaths
Fruit & Vegetable:
Expenses related to damaged and destroyed production inputs of plasticulture and bareground production
Future income loss from lost trees
Damage and destruction of poultry houses (breeder, broiler, and pullet) and lost income due to interruption of business
Damaged and destroyed timberland

Uninsured Infrastructure:

Expenses and losses related to general infrastructure and irrigation used in production of an agricultural commodity. This applies to any agricultural commodity that was in the structure or under the irrigation system at the time of the storm and suffered a loss to the commodity.

Farm Recovery Block Grant Required Forms

FRBG-01: Third Party Certification of Timber Damage
FRBG-02: Veterinarian Certification of Damage
FRBG-03: Entity Organization


link to apply for a Farm Recovery Block Grant


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