Georgia Department of Agriculture

Egg Candling Class

Individuals desiring to produce and offer for sale shell eggs in Georgia shall comply with The Georgia Egg Law (Chapter 2, Title 26, Article 8, Section 260-273) which states, “Each egg candler and grader, of eggs offered for sale, shall obtain a license from the Department of Agriculture at no cost, after demonstrating to the satisfaction of the department his capability and qualifications as an egg candler and grader.”

The license can be obtained from a department representative by successfully taking and passing a written examination and a candling examination both administered by the department representative.  Please check the Agriculture Calendar for information on upcoming classes.

The recommended study materials for the written examination and the candling examination include The Georgia Egg Law which can be obtained from the Georgia Department of Agriculture at no charge or on line at Georgia egg law and supporting regulations (Title 26) and the USDA Federal Egg-Grading Manual, AH-75 which can be obtained from USDA-AMS Poultry Programs-STOP 0259, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-0259 (202-720-3506) or online at HERE.

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