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Georgia Department of Agriculture

Clarification of Fees For Online Viewing


      From the Editor:  Earlier this year, the Market Bulletin adopted a policy requiring the payment of a one-time yearly fee of $10 For the printed and online versions.  Since that time there has been confusion regarding these charges as some online users believe the fee is charged on a pay per view basis; i.e., each time they want to view ads.

      The online subscription is included with the $10 subscription to the printed version.  Once the payment has been made, the user is permitted access to the view and can submit ads throughout the year.

      Although some users may feel they should not have to pay at all to view ads online, we at the Georgia Department of Agriculture do not think it is unreasonable to ask all users to pay a $10 one-time yearly fee for unlimited online access and the printed version if they choose, to advertising content for an entire year.

      Having lost its state appropriations for the Bulletin in July 2010, the Department would not be producing the publication today if not for the support of its subscribers. 

      We realized that the subscription fee would not be popular with everyone; however, we feel that those who enjoy and benefit from the service should be willing to pay a very modest subscription fee in order to keep the publication viable.


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