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“Arty’s Garden” is written by Arty Schronce. Arty is a a lifelong gardener and a horticulture graduate of North Carolina State University. He lives and gardens in the historic Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta. He encourages everyone to discover the pleasures of plants and gardening. "Arty's Garden" appears regularly in The Farmers & Consumers Market Bulletin. Subscriptions are available through the Market Bulletin website or by sending a check or money order payable to Market Bulletin, 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., SW, Atlanta, GA 30334-4201. Write to Arty in care of the Market Bulletin or via email at Here are a few columns from the past:

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The Sycamore: Majestic, Musical and More

Hollies from near and far brighten Georgia’s winter landscape

Summer Soldiers

Sound Gardening Advice

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Put a Pawpaw in Your Pocket

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The Tawny Daylily

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Plant for Winter Beauty and Interest

Corn Poppy - The Poppy of Memorial Day

Sweet Winter Memories

Pelican Flower - The Giant Dutchman's Pipe

Plant a Garden for Hummingbirds

Tea Olive - Fall Fragrance at its Best

My Father, Mr. Persimmon

Kiss My Sweet Bubbies

Catalogs Offer Lots of Garden Possibilities


Happy Mother's Day - Horticulturally

Keep records to improve your garden & for posterity

Night-Blooming Cereus Is Cause to Celebrate

Plants Are Like People

Let Thrift Thrive in Your Garden

Amaryllis - Easy to Grow, Even from Seed

Oxblood/Schoolhouse Lilies

Lenten Rose - A Perennial Getting Some Well Deserved Attention

Jewelweed, A Native Jewel

Tithonia, the Mexican Sunflower

The Tulip Teacher

Create a Garden to Attract Butterflies

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