Ga Dept of Agriculture


Animal Industry Rules and Regulations

40-10-1     Meat Inspection
40-10-2     Poultry Inspection-Poultry Processing
40-10-3     Rabbit Processing
40-10-4     Voluntary Inspection of Non-Traditional Livestock and Non-Traditional Poultry
40-10-5     Meat and Poultry Inspection Rules of Practice
40-13-1     Transportation
40-13-2     Interstate Movement Health Requirements
40-13-3     Intrastate Health Requirements
40-13-4     Infectious and Contagious Diseases
40-13-5     Dead Animal Disposal
40-13-6     Auction Markets
40-13-8     Manure Handlers
40-13-14   Dog and Cat Sterilization Program
40-16-3     Equine
40-16-5     Certified Animal Feeding Operator Training and Certification
40-16-6     Nutrient Management Plan Specialist Certification