Georgia Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Inputs

 Alan Lowman
Program Director

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Agriculture Inputs Section
19 MLK Jr. Drive SW Room 410
Atlanta, GA 30334
Tele: 404-656-4958

Agricultural Inputs is comprised of two regulatory programs: Pesticides; and Seed, Fertilizer & Feed

Pesticides Program

The pesticide program’s regulatory authority originated in 1976 with the promulgation of the Georgia Pesticide Control Act and the Georgia Pesticide Use and Applications Act. Through regulatory inspection the pesticide program protects Georgia consumers by monitoring the labeling, distribution, storage, transportation, use and disposal of pesticides throughout the state.

Seed, Fertilizer & Feed Program

The Seed, Fertilizer & Feed program administers all state and federal regulations related to seed, fertilizer and animal feed products. Through regulatory inspections the Seed, Fertilizer & Feed program protects consumers by monitoring the quality of seed, feed and fertilizer products offered for sale in the state.

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