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of us could imagine covering       Congress, they are wrong,” says
                                          all our household and family       Duvall. “Engagement is more
                                          expenses, much less running a      important now than ever.”
                                          business, with less than half the    To engage, he encourages
                                          income we had four years ago.”     farmers to visit,
                                             In the approximately 35 states  download an advocacy app
                                          he’s visited as American Farm      ( and follow him
             Photo by Lance Cheung        farmers consistently mention       Facebook (@preszippyduvall,
                                                                             and the Farm Bureau on
                                          Bureau president, Duvall says
                                                                             @AmericanFarmBureau) and
                                          two challenges: overregulation
                                          and labor shortages.
                                                                             Twitter (@ZippyDuvall,
                                             To address these and other
                                                                               “Having two spokespeople
               South’s Finest Sonny Perdue  issues, especially with          who are dedicated to making
                                          Congress starting to consider
         (above) joined Zippy Duvall and wife  the 2018 farm bill, he urges
          Bonnie (top) at Zippy’s swearing­in                                rural life better and have the
                                          farmers to make their voices       gift of passion to serve makes
          ceremony as president of American
                    Farm Bureau Federation  heard with policy makers in      for a winning combination,”
                                          Washington and at their state      says Gerald Long, Georgia
                                          capitols and farm bureaus. “If     Farm Bureau president. “Both
                                          farmers think they can sit back    being from Georgia only makes
                                          and relax because they have a      it even more special for our
                                          business friendly president and    state.”

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