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[ 2017 Edition | Volume 6 ]

               Georgia Trend Magazine
                   [ Editorial ]
        Editor-in-Chief Ben Young
        Publisher Emeritus Neely Young
        Editor & Project Manager Cheryl Cromer
        Contributors Daemon Baizan, Ellen
        Berman, Erin Burnett, Amy Carter,
        Cheryl Cromer, Leslie Davis, Linda Erbele,
        Jennifer Hafer, Savannah Hartley, Koko
        Hunt, Stephen Morton, Thomas A. Oder,
        Matt Odom, Rina Oh, Don Sadler, Arty
        Schronce, Kenna Simmons, Jennifer Stalcup
        and Becky Stein
                  [ Advertising ]
        Vice President Sales Amanda Patterson
        Advertising Manager Carolyn Gardiner
        Account Manager Lane Henderson

              [ Design and Production ]
            Square Moon Publishing Solutions
           Georgia Grown magazine is published
          annually by the Georgia Department of
           Agriculture. Publishing services are
         provided by Georgia Trend, a subsidiary of
              Morris Business Media, LLC.
            5880 Live Oak Parkway, Suite 280
                Norcross, GA 30093
        Phone: (770) 931-9410 | Fax: (770) 931-9505
           Georgia Department of Agriculture
               Phone (404) 656-3600
         To learn more about the Georgia Grown
         program, contact Jack Spruill, director of
          marketing, or Matthew Kulinski, Georgia
              Grown program director, at
               (404) 656-3368 or visit
           For media inquiries, please contact
         Julie McPeake, chief communication officer,
              at (404) 656-3689 or email
          ©2017 All rights reserved. No portion of this
         magazine may be reproduced in whole or in part
         without written consent from Georgia Grown. No
            public funds were used in the publishing
                   of this magazine.

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