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Decatur Facility is currently being rested. It is our critical care facility and holds up to 15 horses. It is perfectly set up for horses that require lots of attention and may need to stay in a sling. It also has an in-ground weight scale and stocks. The Decatur Impound Facility counts on part-time help John Marasco and our highly valued volunteers.

Decatur stocks

Barn Manager, Jessie Murray takes care of Mansfield's horses and depends on reliable, always smiling help from Part time help, Willie & multiple regular volunteers. The Mansfield facility can hold more horses than Decatur and offers different size pastures and turn-out lots. Most horses are kept outside 24/7 but stalls are available as well. Mansfield has quite a few loyal volunteers that have been helping this barn out for years. Go see them on our volunteer page.

Our Pulaski Impound facility had its Grand Opening on 03/26/09. Click here for News about Pulaski!

Pulaski Prose

By: “Squirrel” – Melinda Studstill

We received a shipment of horses at our new impound yard at Pulaski and as always my heart just aches as my eyes see that most of them have a body score of one. Two particular horses caught my eye because of the severe leg wounds they had. I can’t understand how an owner can look at something like this and do nothing. So, I made it my mission to heal theses horses’ legs and restore their trust and give them all my love and attention.

The first horse was named “Navy” (we named this entire group after colors). She is a 1 ½ year old bay filly. She was scared and barely halter broke; it took a lot of time and patience to earn her trust. At first I could barely approach her, but I would not give up, I was determined to heal her! Each day I caught her, cleaned her wounds, applied medication, and assured her she was in good hands now. It took a while, but the change in “Navy” is unbelievable. Her leg wounds have healed with no lameness. It’s great to see her running in the pasture! She’s a very sweet natured horse and follows me around everywhere.

The second horse was named “Rouge”. She is a 1 ½ year old sorrel filly. She was so sweet from day one and I had no problem treating her. It was like she knew, “hey, this lady is trying to save me!” Her wound was so bad and her leg se swollen that she could barely walk. I couldn’t believe it! The first thing I did was to get her wounds cleaned up and tart medical treatment. She was much easier to work with, thank goodness, because we had a lot of work to do on that leg. She needed treatments twice a day and a surgery to remove the skin flap that was hanging. I was so worried about her, afraid she would be lame for life. After three months of loving care, “Rouge” is running without even a limp. She’s still getting one treatment a day but her wounds are healing nicely.

I know both of these horses will make someone very happy. It’s a privilege to be a part of this program here at Pulaski Women’s Prison. All of the horses not only receive love, but they give love. It will be hard to see them go, but I know they will go to a good home. I never knew how many horses were abused and neglected. This has opened my eyes and inspired me to pursue a job as a veterinary assistant and to volunteer my services to help abused horses after I am released. I am from North Georgia, Rabun County and I have horses of my own I’m ready to go home to! For now, I’m happy to be a part of the team here at the Pulaski Impound. The Georgia Department of Agriculture inspectors have been wonderful. They are very patient with us and I’ve already learned so much from them. I look forward to continue working with them all and the horses that depend on us for healing.

NEW! Our Lee Arrendale Impound Facility had its Grand Opening in 2011. Check out the video below of the Ribbon Cutting.


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